School Bus Stop Victory

I am not a complainer. No really, I don't think I am. There are some women that jump on a soap box about every little issue that comes along, right or wrong, just to have something going on at all times. However, when it comes to my children and their safety, I do jump on my bandwagons! My latest bandwagon- the school bus stop. This time I wasn't alone in my concerns!

Public Schools and Budget Cuts, that is all we hear about! Last year, when my son was beginning 3rd grade, we received a letter in the mail that explained that do to fuel prices the buses would no longer come into the neighborhoods to pick up the children but would pick them up at the end of our street, which is a major busy street- 209th. My son was assigned to this bus stop. I wasn't a happy Moma. I made a few phone calls and soon learned that for some reason since there was a daycare at the end of my street at the "old" bus stop that the bus would still be stopping there. He was able to change stops with no problem. So I just let it go for the 2009-2010 school year. I guess someone else had jumped on the bandwagon for our kids!

So, here we are for the 2010-2011 school year and guess what once again we are faced with the same problem only this time, a year later more traffic due to more growth in the area! I cannot even begin to tell you the incidents we, 4 other parents and myself, have called in to the Wagoner County Sheriff, Principal of School and Transportation Department regarding the safety of our children during these 14 days since school has been in session. Cars passing the bus illegally almost causing head on collisions, a man walking by holding his pants up with his hands, speeding cars and no sidewalks for the kids at the bus stops to stand on, so they are forced to stand on the road while cars turn off of the busy street onto the residential street. These are only a few.  I even have a clip of a video, which was supposed to have been a picture taken of the kids getting on the bus showing a car at a stop sign while the children were loading. My friend's and my thoughts were what if it were icy or raining, what if the car had skidded into our babies and t-boned the bus? Why can't we get these stops off of this major travelled road, especially if there is a residential street that goes through one street over? How many incidents and phone calls is it going to take?

Personally from me it took four phone calls, leaving messages for three and finally getting to talk to the Routing Director after I said politely that maybe the news wanted to see my video, from my friend Lynn it took two, two neighbor's down the street one and another neighbor a threat to the news and one phone call to the principal. One response received, "Well, your children are getting older now!"- our kids range in ages of 6-10!  I am happy to report that the note came home on August 30th and effective September 1, 2010 my son's and friend's childrens new bus stop will be at a safer location. I know that many schools do not even offer transportation to and from schools, so I do count my blessings.  I am still disappointed that there are still stops on 209th because I just don't feel that it is safe, but I am thankful that I got my BUS STOP VICTORY for this year... Thank you Route #30!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

*Disclosure: The name of the school was left out of this article due to a sudden sensitivity that it is receiving in the headlines. I am sure those of you who know the author can figure it out quickly, and those of who don't know this housewife can just probably point to any school and say a prayer!

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