What is Your Strongest Life? A Quiz

I attended the Women of Faith Conference in Tulsa August 27-28. Along with a handful of wonderful uplifting Christian women speakers was Marcus Buckingham who has dedicated his career to helping individuals discover and capitalize on their personal strengths. Coming from a management career I, of course, was totally into this speaker (and not just because of his British accent). I cannot wait to read his latest book Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently, which was inspired by his appearance on the Oprah show. My friend Marilee, went ahead and bought it and is reading it now. I went ahead and took the online quiz to find out what my Strongest Life Roles are. What you find may prove interesting. Are you in the right career path? Even as a Housewife it is interesting how my Lead and Supporting Roles have followed me in the choices I have made into my roles as a Team Mom, PTA member, Class Room Mom/Assistant and even in other areas of involvement such as church and charitable involvement. Take the quiz. Here are my results!

Your Lead Role:

You begin by asking: Who can I connect?

You see the world as a web of relationships, and you are always excited by the prospect of connecting two new people within your web.

Your best quality: Your genuine curiosity.

Always: Trust in your web of relationships.

Be careful you: Don’t push people together who shouldn’t be.

Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to speed up the connection between people.

Supporting Role:

You begin by asking: How can I raise the energy?

You are acutely aware of the energy in the room, and you feel compelled to do what you can to elevate it. You do this with your outlook—you are an instinctively optimistic person.

Your best quality: Your infectious energy.

Always: Step in and take responsibility for the group.

Be careful you: Don’t get sucked dry by emotional vampires.

Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to keep a group of people excited.

So, what do you think? For those of you who know me, does this fit me?

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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