Ahhhhhh: The Weekend

You'd think us ladies at the RHOK live some serious excitement on the weekends. I mean, we don't even have time to write new posts and you are forced to read old posts  do without us for 2 WHOLE days. We know it's hard. But, do you know what the weekend means to us? Do you?

You see, Mrs. Priss has 12 loads of laundry to do and a pantry to re-organize because she spent her week giving her time away for free to various charity organizations. She is also having to work around the fact that she is still recovering from a surgical procedure. She says it was her shoulder, but I don't know. I am skeptical. Anywho, the whole event is causing certain angst towards the spousal unit and his inability to multi-task.

Mrs.Sinclair will be chauffeuring the boy child to whichever sporting event where she will try and watch while entertaining the girl child who will be bored and whiny. She will also be bombarded with calls and texts from various other family members who need things. And, she will have to successfully stave off multiple requests from her children to invite people over, go to the movies, go to Blockbuster, and what not, all while STILL fighting her re-current annoying sinus infection.

Mrs. Montgomery has 7 events to ready her children for and successfully get there on time, not forgetting any important equipment. She also has to steam clean and vacuum her carpets because the dog spilled a glass of special kool-aid organic fruit and vegetable juice when he got all excited about a car driving by her front window.

Mrs. Bundy has teenagers. Bless her.

Mrs. Hart will be ushering her children all about town to various random events, before she settles in with 8 loads of laundry, while dusting and making a 3 course meal for her man. Then she has 5 episodes of Army Wives to catch up on during her meal planning for the week.

Mrs. Albright has a tween. I need not say more. Well, except she also has a pre-schooler. Get my drift?

And, Mrs. Coco & Mrs. Edwards? They seem to have left the state on some sort of reckless adventure. We know they can't stay gone long though.  The lure of the great stories they will need to share will be too much for them to stave off. They will be back. They'll be back to face all the dirty laundry and dishes their husbands and children left them in the sink. They are totally glamorous.

Then, last, but certainly not least, is me, Mrs. Robinson. Oh, I totally could write on the weekends. I mean,  I get lots of alimony I use to pay I just pay for all that stuff those other ladies do. But, shhhhhh. Don't tell them.

Happy Weekending!
Mrs. R

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