Are You a Negative Nancy?

Or if you prefer, a Debbie Downer? I certainly hope not. But, unfortunately, we all know her. She's the one who complains about E V E R Y T H I N G! She finds it hard to find the good in anything.

My friend, Christy, brought this topic up recently and I thought I'd run with it because I'm positive that way. Hee Hee! The discussion was about negativity and Facebook, but it's definitely not just limited to Facebook.

I've been very fortunate with my Facebook friends. I have roughly 900 friends on there and there are (or were until I deleted them) a few that are negative. I've found that most of the negative comments on my Facebook page, at least, have to do with sports or politics. But I guess that there is much worse going on on other's pages. So I hear.

I try my best to steer away from commenting on someone's status that I do not agree with. It's their page and they have a right to post what they want. However, not everyone shares this philosophy. I wouldn't dare post something controversial on my status because I'd be attacked IMMEDIATELY for my belief. Yes, it's a sad, sad thing. I think it's important to always follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

Let me translate that: Keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say or if you can't disagree without being ugly. I know my personality and I know that I can get defensive when I feel like something I believe in is being attacked so I've learned to try and just not comment. I try to apply the philosophy my friend Jen always says, "Smile and wave people, smile and wave!" It works. I've seen her in action. {laugh}

Or how about those people who post open ended statuses that leave you wondering what they are smoking mean? I've figured out that it is those people who are needing attention. They want you to ask the question, "What are you talking about? Is everything okay?" I rarely ever comment on those types of statuses. Just say what you mean already. Unless of course, it's negative. {laughing}

Does this mean we can't post when something terrible happens or when someone we love is sick? No. That's the beauty of Facebook, knowing what's going on with our friends - the good and the bad. But if all you ever post is everything that is wrong in your life then STOP! Find something good to share. Fake it until you make it, isn't that the saying?!

But don't go overboard and be a Betty Bragger. Good Lord Almighty, how we despise the Betty Braggerts! That's a whole other post.

No, I'm no Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer or Betty Braggert, but I'm pretty sure my Facebook friends would call me a Chatty Cathy.

~Mrs. Albright

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