Defrizz da Frizz


My hair takes up ninety percent of my getting ready time.  Does yours?  I'm so envious of the people who can wash their hair and let it dry on its own.
Know what happens when I do that?
This is what happens.
If I haven't stepped outside, then this is what happens.
That's our pet hamster Gibble.  Isn't he cute?

Before I go any further with this, I will tell you - curls and waves are not okay with me.  They are cute on you.  I just can't stand the craziness on my own skull.

Since I'm not planning to move to Arizona or some other low humidity state, I must resort to products that will tame the tresses.
For years, my sister used to be mad at me because it took so long to do my hair.  We had to fight over the hair dryer.  I have to dry each and every piece while pulling it straight.  One step outside and my hair grew sideways.  Ahhhh, the frizz.
A few years ago, I started using straightening shampoo and conditioner.  And, yes, that is my hair above while using straightening products - just a side note.  Anywho, it was like a miracle.  My hair went from BIG to big.  
With the purchase of the Chi straightening iron, my dreams unfuzzy hair became a reality.  

About a year ago, I found out about a hair product that changed my life.
I still use all of the other stuff and take forever drying my hair, but now all of that hard work doesn't go to waste the second I walk out the door.
This is my miracle.
Yeah, baby.
Moroccan Oil, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I've tried many gels and hair goo products recommended and this is the one.  I can put any amount on my hair and it won't look greasy.  I can put it on my hair dry or wet.  It even smells good.

Here's to you, Morrocan Oil.

And to the substitute at Sally's Beauty Supply?  I'm breaking up with you.  Ick.

So, this is the one hair product I can not live without.  There is no current substitute.
How about you?  Let's hear about your favorite hair products.  Is there something we should know about?

~ Mrs. Priss ~

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