The Great Halloween Costume Hunt

So last weekend came, and so did October. And you know what this means?  It means the kids start salivating over the idea of trick or treating. So last Sunday the kids and I went costume shopping. My daughter chose a clown costume this year.  I was kind of surprised by her choice as this seems to be the year that the vanity and asking for specific popular clothing items has kicked in.  From what I've seen most girls at this age are wanting something more grown up like "rock star" or "vampire princess."  I was pleasantly surprised by her choice of clown.  It seems so little girl, and I'm happy to have that part of her still present.

Of course some people might disagree about a clown being sweet and little girl. There's a whole segment of people who are totally freaked out by clowns.   They won't take their kids to the circus because of them.  Maybe they were  traumatized by the Stephen King Movie "IT?"  I don't know.  The clown from that movie was totally creepy.

But she's not playing that clown, thank goodness.  She's playing the sweet clown we all love.  The costume kind of looks like this one.

Kids Clown Costume

My son on the other hand is at the stage where he wants scare and gore.  He ended up with something like this without the mask but with a bloody machete.  He promised me he wouldn't try to scare the little kids in the neighborhood, but more importantly he wouldn't try to scare me as this stuff totally creeps me out.

Cell Block Psycho Child Costume

What can I say?  He's 11, and this is probably the last year he'll be trick or treating.  Right?

I have a couple of Halloween parties that I have to go to myself this year.  I'm having trouble thinking of a costume.  In years past I've been a punk rocker, a bloody Ragedy Ann doll, and a pirate.  This year, however, I was wanting to do something a little more creative.  And honestly, I'm having a really hard time coming up with an idea.  

This is what one site that told me I should be.

Your Halloween Costume Should Be A Bumble Bee

Eerily, that fits somehow!

I don't know.  I think it reminds me too much of this big football player sized guy I used to know in college who dressed up as the bumble bee girl from the Blind Melon video.

Man...I loved that song.

And I loved that little girl.  Maybe that is what costume I will use.  What do you think?

And what are you going to be for Halloween?  

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

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