How to RHOK the State Fair

This past Tuesday, the ladies of the RHOK and a few friends decided to partake in 2 for 1 Tuesday at the Tulsa State Fair. We went without our children or husbands, in the middle of the day.

We highly recommend this.

We had our Fair Bingo Cards all ready to play. We had great food plans. We had no one complaining or whining. It was THE way to do the fair.

We did quite well on the bingo game. And then we chronicled them in the slideshow here below. Sure, you may feel you didn't NEED to see it, but we are givers. (Actually, ALL the pics for this post are in the slideshow, because well, there were a lot of pictures and I never could have fit them all in one post)

And now, here is the part where we talk about the food.  We tried as much as we could. There were 6 of us, and I may or may not have smuggled in plastic knives to cut things into bite size pieces so we could be more efficient with our eating and not make ourselves sick.

Okay, some of us were still sick. But, it was worth it.

We tried the Krispy Kreme hamburger.  It was underwhelming.  We had corn dogs and/or meat & cheese on a stick. Yum. One of us had a polish sausage dog.  Then we shared fried peaches, fried green beans, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried snickers, fried twinkies, a few beers and did a wine tasting.  Yes, we did wine tasting at THE FAIR.

Actually, we started with wine tasting. We all agreed we might have stayed there all day. However, we had bingo and food to lure us away. We were very impressed with the wineries, all local ones. Testing could be done for $1 per wine.  Totally worth it!

So, make sure and peruse all our pictures. It's quite possible one of us rode a mechanical bull,  had a port-a-potty peeker,  saw a pregnant pigs water break, secretly took pictures of fellow RHOKer's backsides, and came in close contact with an actual camel toe.

Happy Fairing!
Mrs. Sinclair

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