MckLinky Monday: Frightful Movie Memories

In the Fall of 1992 I began making frequent treks north to Oklahoma City via I-35 and then on west to Weatherford via I-40 and vice versa back home to Wilson, yes the glorious college years. It wasn't long before the 70 miles on I-40 became quite boring and a few of my friends introduced me to their Citizens Band Radio's or CB's for short. Now keep in mind, CB's had been around since the 1970's and I wasn't a complete stranger to the device since my Daddy worked in the oilfield, but as a young lady I certainly had never used any trucker slang!

My friends and I would use their CB's on the weekends. I don't even remember what our handles were. We knew all the 10/4-Affirmative, and 10/20-location, and 10/100-bathroom break, but what was really fun was when they asked us, "How many candles are you burning?" and called us "YL's". Boy were we flirting with some danger there, because the trucker's just asked us our age and called us pretty! Seriously, we meant no harm. All we were looking for was a front door to our destination- yeah the front door to lead the convoy of speeders and for someone else to get the ticket and not us! Daddy had a pretty good idea of what was going on, especially with the front door business especially since the front of my car had a lot of paint chips in it where I followed those semi's a little too closely!

Then in 2001, the movie Joy Ride starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski came out. Oh my goodness. I think this movie could have been literally been written about us! We should have sold our story to J.J. Abrams. I can barely even watch this movie now without shuddering to think of all the danger we flirted with back then. Stupid, stupid, stupid girls. Now what would have happened if we would have ever broke down, made one of those truckers mad? They all knew where we exited. It wasn't like SWOSU was that big!

Now its your turn. It's almost Halloween. Dust the cobwebs off the old scary movies. What is the one movie that scares you? What frightful memories do you have and why?

Imagine hearing this over the CB and no one is near you.....yet!

Rusty Nail: You know, Black Sheep, you really oughtta get that fixed.
Fuller: Get what fixed?
Rusty Nail: Your tail light.

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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