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Hi there, my fellow RHOK Stars. I hope you've enjoyed Fall Break (if you had one). We didn't do anything but stay home and recuperate. My daughter had minor surgery on Thursday morning and by early Friday morning she and my husband came down with the stomach virus that my little one and I had the previous Sunday. To say that the past few days have been bad is to put it mildly. Gah!

And because my brain has been nothing but mush the past week, I turned to a few close blog friends for some inspiration for posting ideas. I'd like to thank Georgie, Christy, Leanna, and Jenny. I love those girls so much and it's because of blogging that I even know them. We are good friends now, even in real life.

I know, I know. You want me to get on with the question for MckLinky Monday. Today's question is.....

What is the worst job you've ever had?

This is easy peasy for me to answer. The summer after I graduated college I went to work at a daycare center in Edmond. I planned to work there through the summer until I got a teaching job in the fall. 

I showed up for work the first day and they put me in the older two's class. Eek! Snotty-nosed kids! I remained in that class for about a week and a half before I requested to be moved to another one. 

I was then moved to the babies class to fill in for a teacher who was sick. That was better than the two's class, but I only got to stay there for two days before I was moved to the older one's and younger two's class. Oh, boy!

You have to remember this was before I was married and had kids so I really didn't know much about little, little kids... my major was in Elementary Education. I really, really started questioning if I'd picked the right career choice. I wasn't liking childcare too much, if at all.
And then it happened. I had to take those little boogers for their potty break by myself that first day.

Let me just tell you, it was a nightmare. I got all of their pants down and set them on all the lined up little potty chairs in the bathroom and then I turned around to see little fountains shooting everywhere!!!! Little boys who are just being potty-trained do not know they are supposed to hold their little fountains down and NO ONE told me there is a little shield you are supposed to attach to the potty chairs that the little boys sit on.

I just stood there and cried and then I walked out into the hall and cried. The director walked by and asked what was wrong. I told her and she laughed and said, "Didn't you know to put the little shields on the boys' chairs?"


I worked one more day at that daycare center and then I called in and quit.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the reasons why God gave me only girls. He knew I couldn't handle the fountains. 

I'd love to know what your worst job experience was? Link up and play along with us for MckLinky Monday.



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~Mrs. Albright

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