Napkin Art #Fail!

In the spirit of our friend The Napkin Dad, this week I decided to draw a little napkin myself, for my girl's lunch.  I thought she'd be okay with it. I considered the 10 year old boy was going on a field trip that day and might be mortified, so I only put one her lunch. But before I go any further I have to give you some background info.

First, my kids rarely take their lunch, so I don't have many napkin art opportunities. But, when I do make Grayce's lunch specifically, it almost always contains carrot sticks. Second, Grayce has been begging me to let her have a pet rabbit.  We spent like 30 minutes looking at them at the fair which only furthered her desires, even though I made it quite clear we would be having NO rabbit join the family.

Now, enter the napkin art:

She also always has me pack cheese. And our dog tries to steal the cheese, hence the dog saying "drop the cheese". Since we were out of carrots, I added the rabbit asking "hey, where are the carrots?". You'd think harmless, cute art, right?

You'd be wrong.

Yesterday after school, Gray comes running in to ask if I drew this.  I replied with, "Do you have another MOM?". Then she said, "Where's my new rabbit with the carrots?"

Apparently, she thought the napkin sent a subliminal message and a new rabbit would be awaiting her.

Boy, was she MAD.

Be careful with your napkin art,
Mrs. Sinclair

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