Not Just a Housewife Anymore

Did you know that I just went back into the workforce several weeks ago? Yeah, I'm NOT just a HOUSEWIFE anymore! I've been dabbling in babysitting since July, but the in home thing wasn't what God wanted. He threw something else at me! 8-2, M-F and 2X the pay and 15 less hours per week! Yep, at a church daycare. Totally different than my trained profession of business management in a bank. And for a woman who has handled and smelled millions of Benjamin's, feeding eight infants and wiping the other end is a total culture shock for me.

I love kids and I always have, especially infants, and they really do love me! I started at an early age of 9 working in the church nursery and preschool, but don't feel the calling to do so now in my own church. So, I am still a PT housewife and get to still get to attend all of my own children's activities while helping make ends meet and pay off some debt. It is so hard. I am having to do the organization thing, my 3yr old daughter is a little diva, so particular!! Clothes, accessories, toys, sippy cup, etc, must be ready by 4pm the previous day! And my 4th grade son, his homework and football practice is driving me crazy. Since when did 4th graders begin learning pre-algebra without bringing home a book? Don't ask me how, but this Housewife is going to brag, Honor Roll was accomplished this semester! WooHoo!!

Back to that "Not just a Housewife" statement. I think that statement went out the window, say like in the 1980's okay! Some of our readers here at The RHOK even shy away from joining in on commenting and playing our games aka MckLinky Monday because they don't quite fit the description that Webster's defines as a Housewife. Readers, Do Not shy away! You do not have to be a housewife. You do not have to be from Oklahoma. Of course the writers are the Housewives and we want to appeal to that audience, but if we write about a subject that you want to jump in and write or comment on, please by all means do.

Well readers, I am here to tell you, I AM still a bona-fide Real Housewife of Oklahoma just like each and everyone of you out there that cook, clean, do laundry, run kids here and there or lift a finger to do a single chore around the house and no one is going to tell us differently okay? These last few weeks, I have learned just how much harder it is to have two children, a husband, job-and only a part time one at that-and still attend to the duties of a home, be a team football mom/treasurer, run a daughter to ballet, volunteer for the PTA and all the other glorious duties that come with the "Housewife" title. All Stay-At-Home-Moms, Work- At-Home-Moms, Housewives, Domestic Engineers whatever title you might be called, deserve a huge applause and standing ovation. Women today do what is necessary for their families, it may be temporary or permanent, it is a blessing that we do have a choice and are willing and able to assist when necessary. Hat's off to us, because there is no such thing as "Just a Housewife"!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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