#140Conf Smalltown - Staying Connected With Your Kids

Recently I was contacted by a fellow Oklahoman in the Social Media world about attending a conference in Hutchinson, Kansas.  The conference was called the #140Conf:  Smalltown.  Basically the #140Conf is a conference developed by Jeff Pulver to discuss the global impact of social media, specifically Twitter, on the world today and where it could be possibly going in the future.  Jeff along with Becky McCray, an Oklahoman from Hopeton, Oklahoma, decided to that to have a #140Conf that specifically explored the impact of social media on small towns would be an interesting proposition.

The day I spent in Hutchinson, Kansas exploring this topic was a fascinating one.  I left that day with so much information flowing through my head.  Afterwords I was trying to narrow down all of the information into something that could be manageable enough for a single post written for The RHOK.  Seemingly it was an impossible task, but then I remembered one speaker that was later described as a "Robin Williams' younger brother."  His name is Kevin Honeycutt, @KevinHoneycutt, and his presentation was titled Educators in Real Time Web.

Kevin Honeycutt is a teacher from Hutchinson, the Hutch, and lets just say that if I had had teachers like this guy, I probably would have done far better in high school than I did.  But rather than try to explain to you what he spoke about, I thought I would just offer up the video instead.  I think it's a really good example of why we as parents should seriously be paying attention to all aspects of social media.  To ignore it's progression to me is to basically a way to cut yourself off from where they are going.  To instead pay attention to it's progression offers you many more ways to stay connected with them.  And really as parents, isn't that the most important part of being a good parent...staying connected?

Now it's almost a full 10 minute video, but I really think it's worth your time to sit down and listen to what he has to say.  Even if you don't agree with everything he has to say, he at the very least is completely entertaining.  And as for attending a future #140Conf I highly recommend it.  Rumor is there tentatively will be another Smalltown in Hutchinson, Kansas in September 2011.  I possibly could be talked into road tripping to it with you. #justsaying

~~Mrs. McGillicutty


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