Bedlam Football

If you are an Okie, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  Otherwise, you can read this with (insert your own obnoxious football-lovin' school here).
I used to love a good competition.  Since moving to Tulsa, I'm surrounded by fans from the other side.  My love for fun-loving competition has waned.  Many of my friends say absolutely hateful things about my team and I just don't get it.

Don't think for one second that I'm blind to my own team's ugliness.

My good friend was chatting with me about the upcoming game recently and asked why I even cared about people's comments.  She thought my "lax" attitude meant I didn't care.  I had to tell her a little story from a recent adventure.  I do, in fact, care deeply.  I refuse to be a nasty person over the whole deal.  She was shocked.

Just recently I was in my college town for the state autism conference.  The conference itself didn't mention my university at any point in time.  A mom from my Asperger's support group roomed with me and rode with me on the trip.  I think every 5 minutes or so she made a crack about my team.  I ignored it at first, but that didn't work.  In fact, it got worse.  I tried making a few defensive wisecracks but did not insult her team.  That didn't work either.  Again, it got worse.

On day two of the conference, I finally looked at her and told her she might have to find another ride home.
She was a little stunned.

This opened up a conversation for her and I about Oklahoma Bedlam Football.  Here is how I feel about it - I won't insult your team so don't insult mine.  Cheer for your team without putting the other one down.  Not everyone thinks it is funny.  I won't wear t-shirts insulting someone else's school, but I might chuckle a bit when I see them.  It's not worth irritating people who I call friends.  I'm not perfect and I'm sure I have stepped on toes.  For the record, I really try not to.

She was a little shocked at how much her comments bothered me.  I must have gotten a little too good at hiding my feelings, but I do have a limit. Don't worry, I gladly let her ride in my car to get home.  She's a doll and I adore her, but I just can't toss insults back and forth and find the JOY in it.  I merely tell the story to demonstrate the amount of torture we put each other through over a game.

This is a housewives blog, so maybe football isn't your thing.  I will say that the majority of the RHOK cares a great deal about their teams.
It's a blog divided.

Let's keep it fun!
Who is your favorite school?
Are you an obnoxious fan?

Oh - and whew!
My team won.

~ Mrs. Priss ~

... and a Sooner fan!

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