Hair Troubles In Tulsa

Hello!  Good morning!  I'm the last of the new RHOKstars to post.  You can call me "Mrs. Edwards".  I really hate that whole "Mrs" thing.  It makes me feel old, but Mrs it is.  I've been married to my college sweetheart for 12 years.  We have one adorable and funny 6 year old.  I've always been an Oklahoma girl.  In case you're wondering, I'm a Sooner fan.  I hope we're still friends.  I think you'll find that I'm very passionate about life.  Having fun is a main objective of mine.  You'll probably question my age from time to time.  Just for the record, I'm 29 and holding.  

I'm so excited about being a part of The RHOK and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Without further ado, onto my post for today...

Is there a time in a woman's life, you know when she is accelerated in age *shut your mouth...I am NOT old* that she should wear her hair shorter?

I was recently having this discussion with my Granny and she seems to think that longer hair on women who are older is not "becoming". (Which is her way of telling me in her Granny-ese that I need to get my hair yesterday.) She feels that it begins to age you and that a shorter hair style makes you look younger.

What are your thoughts on this? 
I'm really curious and I need to know.

I've been letting my hair grow out recently. I'm not sure why. I think it's pretty much because I don't know what else to do with it. I don't have a shorter hairstyle in mind.  I don't have anything I'm itching to, I let it grow.

My hair kind of looks like this when it's short...sometimes it's a hott mess.
I would love if my hair looked like this.  I would keep it short.  Forever.  I need to look like her too...and I would take her boyfriend from Private Practice as a bonus.  
Hello, Taye Diggs! 

What?  Who said that?

Achem, my husband...right.  Where was I going with this?  

Oh, yes.  My husband would pay me to cut it right now. He prefers me with short hair. Kinda weird, right? Most men like women to have longer hair...flowing locks...or do they?

I personally feel older when my hair is too short...and I'm not...old.  29 and holding, thank you very much.

I also keep it longer because it's versatile. I can wear it back in a headband (I *big fuzzy red heart* cute headbands!), pull it back, put it in a ponytail, etc.

So tell me, do you think there is a certain age that you shouldn't grow your hair out? Is there a time in our lives when shorter hair is the answer to looking younger?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Oh, and you won't hurt my feelings, so if you've seen a recent picture and thought "her hair is hideous", please let me know in the comments.

Sincerely, Hair Troubles in Tulsa

-Mrs. Edwards

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