MckLinky Monday: What I Am Thankful For

What am I thankful for? Those of you who have been reading me for the past seven months probably expect me to say God, my family and all of our health. Yes, you know me well, no shockers for you today. However, there are six things that I have taken for granted, that up until recently I have learned just how thankful and blessed  that I am to possess.

I am thankful for my eyes. Two eyes that have sight so that I can see the beautiful world around me. The eyes that watch my babies grow each day. The eyes that still catch the love of my life's eyes looking lovingly at mine.

I am thankful for my ears. Ears that hear the words Mommy, Honey and I love you. Even when those ears hear things they shouldn't, I am thankful, because I learned right from wrong by listening with my precious ears.

I am thankful for my nose. No, not the size or the shape. My nose is actually a very good smeller. It smelled my family's house fire when I was 10 and saved all from within. And every one knows there is nothing like the smell of your kid's clean snuggly skin.

I am thankful for my mouth. It is definitely a loud and proud mouth. So much so that my own mother in law will not even sit with me anymore at sporting events. A mouth that allows me to nourish my body, more often than not with foods that will last longer on my hips than it did on my lips. Kisses, sweet kisses, God definitely knew what he was doing when he made the mouth!

I am thankful for my hands. Oh the many uses of my hands on a daily basis. Fixing my three year old daughter's curls each morning, changing the many diapers at my job, preparing dinner for my family and writing a multiplication problem down for my fourth grade son. I look down at my hands and yes, I am beginning to see my Moma's hands and for that I am thankful, because that means she taught me well because hands should never be idle.

I am thankful for my feet. Those feet have carried me many miles. I have always been told I have pretty feet. It is a huge pet peeve of mine not to have cute toes. Paint your toenails Housewives, I promise you, your feet will LOVE you! Feet get to be accessorized and shown off more than any other part of the body, at least in my opinion. It is all about the SHOES my friends! I unfortunately have to shy away from my most desired pairs due to a broken ankle last year, and thousands of dollars. Enough with my shoe fetish, (pray, m'kay).  My feet let me run after and play with my kiddos, they are growing up so fast. I pray that one day my feet allow me to also play with my grandchildren, the way my kids grandparents play with them.

Now it is your turn, what are you thankful for?


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4. Enjoy and have some fun!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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