McLinky Monday - Christmas Decor

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone?! Where did the year go? It will soon be 2011. TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN. I feel like it should still be 1996 and I should still be kickin' it in the 88 Grand Am.

Anywheredidthetimego, today's post isn't about the new year...yet.

We still have Christmas to celebrate! I am a girl who loves to recognize each holiday as it comes. I don't like the cart to come before the horse. I am also strongly rooted in traditions. One of my biggest traditions is putting the Christmas decor up the day after Thanksgiving. Not a day earlier. I'm also the same girl who throws her body in front of the Christmas tree in protest when her husband is forcing her to take it down the day before Valentine's Day.  I see no harm in that. There are no decorating holidays between Christmas and Valentine's. Therefore, there is no faux pas here.

At this point in the post, I would love to be able to share some glorious pictures of my beautiful Christmas tree...but I can't. It's not finished and I refuse to post pictures until it is.

I have been admiring these pictures I found while searching for some fresh decorating ideas.
I really love the simplicity of this living room...and the red.
I really love red.

I thought these were so cute and clever.
They would make great centerpieces or mantle pieces.

What do you guys think about this one?
I'm not sure MR. Edwards would be too fond of it...
I mean, a certain Mr. EDWARD would love it, I'm sure...
but my Mr. EdwardS...yeah, not so much.

He does tolerate a lot of my nonsense, but I'm pretty sure he would draw the line at a Twilight Christmas.
He probably wishes he would have drawn that imaginary line a long time ago.

Is this appropriate Christmas card material?

Just checking.
(pictures courtesy of Google Images)

So, today on McLinky Monday, we want to know when you drag out the Christmas decor!

Are you an early bird or late to the party? Do you have a traditional day that things get put up or are you just a go-with-the-flow kind of person?

We want to hear all about it!

Dish on the decor!  Be sure to come back and link up!

-Mrs. Edwards

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