Me, a Friend, and Ben Affleck

For all of you Okies out there, did you know that Ben Affleck is filming a movie in good ol' Oklahoma? And, not just anywhere Oklahoma, but in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where our very own RHOK star, Mrs. Sinclair is from, along with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

Well, I was curious as to what movie he was working on that would bring him to Bartlesville. The movie, it seems, has yet to be named. But, it is being made by Terrence Malick. As I read more about Mr. Malick, I learned that he grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for a time. Ahhh, There's the connection!!

They are remaining tight-lipped with the details over this new movie. The word is out though that it is a romance featuring Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Wiesz, Jarvier Bardem, and Olga Kurylenko.

Well, let me tell you, the folks around these here parts are on the lookout for Affleck sightings. I must tell you, I live in the same town with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. And, as cool as that is, because they live here, I respect them when I see them out in public. They are the kindest celebrities I've ever met. But, but, but...... they are no Ben Affleck. I'm not so sure I could restrain myself if I were to accidentally on purpose bump into him. Just look at him!!

I'm telling you all of this because I have a story. It's a Ben story... with a picture even.

This past Wednesday, I guess Ben (because he's walked the same isles in MY Target that I have, I can call him that) was seen in said Target, a local coffee shop and our Kinko's. But, nooooo. I did not get to see him in those places, although I heard about it all over Facebook.

That evening, as I lay on the couch in a t-shirt, not having showered that day, and no makeup, my friend Michelle calls. It's 10 till 10 when she calls. I can barely understand her through her heavy breathing (okay, I made that up) as she tells me that she received a text from her friend saying that Ben was at our local watering hole. That got my attention. She said we needed to head up there. Immediately.

Whoa. Stop. Didn't I just say that I hadn't showered, had no makeup on and I was in a t-shirt?!? She said to get it together quickly and meet there in 20 minutes. I jumped up, threw on my cutest jeans and a hip long-sleeved t-shirt and slapped on some makeup. Thankfully my hair wasn't in bad shape.

On my way there, I call two other friends to let them know brag that I was on my way to party with Ben Affleck!! They were jealous, of course. Okay, maybe not. I would have been.

As I'm turning on the street, I start getting a little nervous. I pull up and notice a motor home parked in the parking lot. I'm thinking, he's really, really here. I start to hyperventilate. Again, I just exaggerated. I'm sorry. It just makes the story more exciting, doesn't it?!

Michelle is already inside. She calls me on my cell, just as I'm pulling in. The good Lord must have been showing his favor because there was a parking spot right in front of the front door. (My friend, Jen, later tells me it's not cool to park in the very front of a bar. People might see my car at a bar. I was just worried about getting in quickly and being in a safe spot in the parking lot. I'm getting old, people. Don't judge me!)

Michelle is waiting for me just inside the front door. We head to the bar to place an order and to scope the place out inconspicuously. We had to look cool, not like young school girls. We aren't seeing him, but it was busy. It was ladies' night. Just what we need, more ladies' vying for his attention. Argh!

Michelle notices some people she knows sitting toward the back of the bar. We head back that way, all the while scoping the place out. I was sure to look at every man that had on a cap because I was sure he'd want to be incognito.

When we get to the table, Michelle's friends ask if we are there to see Ben. Duh! Then they laugh. I looked at the guy standing there and asked if he was really there. He said no. I let out a heavy breath and stopped holding my stomach in. Sigh..... And then, I got a little peeved that we had been deceived.

I guess one of the waitresses had noticed all the Ben sightings being posted on Facebook and thought she'd post that he was at the watering hole to see how many people it would bring in that night. What kind of business is that?! Stupid girl. And, yes, I mean ME. How could I fall for something like that? But, I just kept thinking if he was in town that day then it was possible he could be out there. I'm sure it's because his wife, Jennifer Garner, is a jealous winch and wouldn't let him go to a po-dunk watering hole. Yep, I'm blaming Jennifer. (I'm sorry, Jennifer. I still think you are about as cute as a button.)

The "friends" at our table felt sort of bad about us rushing out there that they tried their best to make it up to us......

I don't think so.

 ~Mrs. Albright

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