Say What? {The Backward Post}

As the resident "techie" housewife, I often answer questions or give little tutorials on technology based things.  I actually have to be requested to post such things, because I tend to go on about my life assuming people know all, when in fact, they don't.  For instance, did you know that if at anytime you want to UNDO something, you simply have to push CTRL and Z at the same time?  I could not believe people were missing that very important piece of information! Now, I DO NOT claim to know everything. (Well, maybe my husband might say otherwise.)  But, certainly, if I were just a tad smarter, I'm sure I could takeover the world.


So, that leads me to this backwards post. You ask me what you want to know, and then I will write.  If it's short then I will just get back to you via comments.  But if it requires some lengthy bit of explaining, then I will post your answer at a later date- you know, when it's my turn next.

I am really wondering what all you want to know!

~Mrs. Sinclair~

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