One of the worst books I had to read in high school was Waiting For Godot.  There is nothing less fascinating to me than a story of people wasting time waiting on something that may never arrive.  I do, however, understand the premise.

I spent a lot of time this past Friday waiting in doctor's offices (yes, I'm fine). I had forgotten my usual stash of things to do and books to read and DAGNABIT - I think they had a blocker for cell phone reception.

What to do, what to do...

I started going through my photo files on my iPhone. I had over 500 images on there and a lot of them needed to go. It was during this time that I realized how much I used my phone for entertainment during waiting periods.  I had quite the collection!
I have pictures of all kinds of waits - stores, driving, dogs, appointments, events.
In case you are wondering from the photos above, Pocket Edward is patiently waiting for the date of his life with Flat Baloney.

And why would I have a picture of my child holding a hamster while sitting on the potty?  It's an ongoing thing that puts the REAL in Housewife and the reason I have a tag on my personal blog for poop.  Poor kiddo, poor me.
Then there are some things we are waiting for others to do - like put batteries in the smoke detectors.  Or waiting for the Doc to pick up his saw from the driveway.  I do not have a picture of the stuff from my garage that was sitting on my lawn getting rained on.  Eegads.  I've been airing out a suitcase all week.  
More waiting.

Doc has lots of unfinished projects around here.  I may just hire a handyman to stop by once a month and give him my "Honey Do" list.  It might bring peace to my home.
Sure hope we don't have a fire...

We spend so much of our time waiting and often this time is wasted.  Sometimes it is good to waste a little time.  Sometimes it becomes a bad habit and we lose ourselves.  It is always tempting to grab my phone during these times to play games. I have a serious gaming addiction that some of you are well aware of.

I discovered a few years ago that I had the perfect pocket of time available to keep up with my bible study.  Did you know the perfect peaceful time for me to complete it is by showing up 15 minutes early to pick up my child from school?  I leave the phone alone and pick up my books.  No dogs, no other things I can do - just me and my books and some peace and quiet.
It is refreshing.

Do you realize how much time we spend waiting each day?
Have you found a pocket of time you waste daily?
How do you fill it?

~*~  Mrs. Priss ~*~

Waiting on your comments like...

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