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Today Mrs Bundy wants to take a minute to say Thank You to those of you that read us either here on this blog or through a reader or via email or on Facebook and take the time to comment and join us for our McLinky Mondays or any day of the week...Today I am picking one of our wonderful followers to highlight because without YOU, where would we be?

I would like to introduce you to... Territory Mom, she has two wonderful blogs Oklahome and Delayed, But Not Denied

With header quotes like...

If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday - Pearl S. Buck
You're dreams have been delayed but only for a short time . . . God has not denied you or your dreams...

How could you not want to know more about the woman behind the blog? I know on my personal blog, I am always curious about my followers and that is no different for me here on The RHOK, especially since I am one of the new housewives.

Territory Mom teaches us how to CURE our Cast Irons. I so needed the help since I recently became the proud owner of my daddy's cast iron skillet. She gives us Little Joe.

Territory Mom is an Advocate she deals with the same struggles as you and I with having children but on another level. Her reasons for being Thankful are precious!

Territory Mom is just plain awesome, another reason why I am proud to be an Okie and we appreciate her support of all us RHOK'n Moms and I hope today you will take a moment to get to know her as well... and find some of your own favorite blog posts.

Do you have a favorite blog that we need to be aware of? Share it please....I'll be back sharing/highlighting one of our followers again...Thank YOU for reading!

mrs bundy

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