The Grinch

Wanna know where the Grinch showed up on the night of what was supposed to be the Hanging of the Greens? My house! Wanna know in whose body he decided to possess? MINE!!! Oh Yeah! I know it comes as quite a surprise to you, but I am not the perfect housewife and mother that I portray myself to be. Shocking?!? Well, after my public blog confession, my readers and fellow housewives may be asking for my head on a chopping block. Shoot, I may even have to furnish the axe! That is if my own family hasn't already had me committed by the time you get your hands on me. At this point, the only family member that I'm in "good" with is Hush, our two-year-old Beta and that is because I finally gave him new clean water tonight after exactly two months, but not before I slung the gallon of water across my kitchen while throwing a mid-life tantrum.

Well, Ho Ho Ho! The Christmas tree was set to go up tonight and naturally, the pre-lit tree my husband bought six years ago, two weeks before we met, has decided to malfunction. Why did I get rid of MY tree, that used regular string lights? Then, of course, our 4th grader comes home with his first lesson in long division- JOY TO THE WORLD, remember those days? What ever happened to my SILENT NIGHT? Oh, that never was really destined to happen was it? The kids are tired, I, myself, am having some yuletide doubts, and did I mention that I am irritable also? Silent, nope- not with my yelling at my kids to quit yelling and my husband raising his voice over me to be heard to try to calm all of us down.  I mean come on, is it too much to ask that when I move furniture to put up a 7-foot tree that I might want to sweep and vacuum the baseboards and cobwebs?  Tree trimming is work, people. My kitchen floor needed a good mopping  anyway, and even forced me to get my steam mop out. Hissy fits sometimes just create more work.  And yes, I yelled and said words that I regret, even threatened to take away Christmas gifts, a birthday party, and text Santa Claus. I apologized, kissed and hugged- but I know my actions hurt way worse than the words can mend. 

My heart, unlike the Grinch's, has never been three sizes too small, but I have a tendency to be selfish and want things to go my way and not just set back and take in the big picture. I have a beautiful, healthy family who I love, and love me very much. So what if the material things don't work. I'd rather have them happy and have them next to me than some cold, stinky Beta who thrives in nasty water! So, during this Christmas season, into the new year, take a look at the Grinches around you, you might be surprised at the little things that can turn on you and set you off quickly. Please don't make the same mistake- big or small- that I did tonight.

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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