It's Crunch Time

What's my name?  Where am I?  Who are you?

I seriously feel like I'm being whisked from place to place.  It's been a whirlwind of happenings and events around the Edwards' house.  We're down to the last few days before Christmas.  I'm trying to slow my roll and take it all in...making a good effort not to get caught up in all the Christmas crazies. 

If you're anything like me, you're not completely done with your Christmas shopping, you still have things to bake, a house to clean, presents to wrap, and plenty of Christmas festivities you would still like to enjoy before the big day arrives. 


Someone tell me that you're like me.  I swear, if you all say that you're finished with your Christmas shopping, baked all your goods, and wrapped every last gift, I'm going to jump off the nearest bridge. 

I'll do it.  I swear.

If you still have shopping left to do, here are a few tips:
  1. Shop early or really late.  Apparently, there are less crazies out at those times.  Although, I have been to our local Wal-Mart late at night and noticed that there is a large population of EMO kids.  I guess every social group needs a place to hang out.
  2. Buy gift cards.  I know it seems impersonal, but at least they can buy what they want, it won't need to be returned, and you don't have to know a size.  Everybody wins.
  3. Buy specific gift cards, like for movie tickets.  Every teenager that is left on my list is getting an iTunes gift card.
  4. Amazon's last order date is December 22...that's tomorrow, so you still have time.
  5. If you're going postal, not THAT kind of postal, but if you're shipping stuff, you've already missed the regular USPS deadline.  Sorry.  That was yesterday.  Priority deadline is today and Express Mail deadline is tomorrow.  Fed-Ex packages can be sent as late as Thursday, December 23.
  6. The good news is that you just might find some good deals.  There are a lot of stores already putting things on sale! 
Are you completely finished with shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, etc?? (If you are, you better lie and say you're not.  I kid.  I'm totally happy for you.  Not really.  Ok, really.)

What's your game plan for the next few days?  Any last minute tips you'd like to share?

Happy Christmas Eve EveEve Eve.

~Mrs. Edwards

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