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Let's talk ornaments Ladies and Gents...

I started a little tradition for my children. Each year in their stocking they get a new ornament, the idea behind this genius idea =) is that one day very soon when they move out and get their own place very soon that they will have a box of their own ornaments from childhood to decorate very soon their very own tree with.

Great idea HUH? Well in theory it is but a few years ago I got to thinking and I said "self one day these childrens are gonna move out and your gonna have a nekkid tree!" So I started a new tradition since I have three hellions very loving and wonderful childrens, they now each buy me an ornament so my tree won't be nekkid when they very soon fly the coop!

So in sticking with the title of this post I am gonna share a few of my favorite ornaments.

 My sweet sweet son bought me that NUT...hmmmm
 This is Jessicas pretty little oranament
 This is Abbys Santa
 Reese made this cute candy cane reindeer in 1st grade
 A dear bloggy friend sent me this big G for my Birthday one year
 Don't tell Reese I put this that time he went by the nickname HOOCH
 A Homeroom mom made these for Reeses 2nd grade classroom-it is full of reindeer food aka oats
 The ever elusive pickle

So do you have a favorite ornament? Link up with us and Share one or some of your favorite tree ornaments!

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Mrs Bundy

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