My Pee Story

Have you ever laughed so hard you had an "accident"?

Some of the blogs that I follow have me laughing out loud (for real...not just in my head) and I get so involved in reading them that when my body says, It's time to drain your bladder, Master, I tend to ignore the message as long as I can. Have I personally had an accident? Yes, but not from reading blogs. I've matured since the accident described below.

When I was 16 (which was like 4 or 5 years ago), I was driving me and a friend around town. We were laughing and having a great time. She was hilarious and had me laughing so hard my abs were getting their workout. Pretty soon, I decided I needed to get to a bathroom--quickly.

Well, here's the problem. I didn't do the whole public gas station bathroom business back then. They disgusted me (and they still do but now I just have to suck it up and use them). So, I'm trying to drive back to my house as quickly as possible but of course we see some cute friends stopped at the local gas station and we pulled in to chit chat.

This was my first mistake.

There were boys involved so we batted our eye lashes and smiled and twirled our hair and flaunted our B cup boobs, but in the back of my mind I was screaming I'm going to pee in my pants right in front of Cute Boy. I needed to escape as fast as I could.

I grabbed my friend and told Cute Boy and his friends that we'd be right back. Of course, being the girly girls that we were, we giggled and talked about the boys until my second mistake came into sight; having to wait on a stupid train. Oh my...and it was a long one. At this point, I'm holding the vajayjay area trying to keep the pee it was going to help the situation. LADIES, DON'T PRETEND LIKE YOU'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. I was so glad I wasn't driving a stick shift.

We're almost to my house and my third and final mistake happened. My friend said something funny and I died laughing! Guess what?

I peed.

In my car.

While driving. And it's running down my leg forming a pool of nice hot yellow liquid in the floor of my car. The clean-up was awesome.

I paid my friend a good sum of money to never repeat that story again.

But she did.

The very next day.

At school.

And Cute boy never talked to me again.

Good times.

Please tell me that you have an accident story too. It would make me feel so much better.

Mrs. Coco

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