RHOK'n Around the Christmas Tree...

The RHOK is participating in the Christmas Home Tour over at of the decor below takes you through a little of everyone of the RHOKer's homes. Welcome! Enjoy!

First stop, a look inside at Mrs. Albright's:

antique Merry Christmas

snowman ornament

girls' tree


bird topper

Our Tree

Next up, we visit Mrs. Sinclair:

Then we hop over to Mrs. Priss' house:

And then, we'll travel a little south over to Mrs. Coco's:

And a little hop skip and jump, and we'll visit Mrs. Edwards:

A little howdy doo at Mrs. Hart's house is up next:

Now, I am sure that Mrs. Bundy and Mrs. Montgomery will have more to add, but as of press time I had to steal photo's from their blogs.  They are probably doing something super productive see, and can't get to the small task of sending me some holiday decor pics. 

Mrs. Bundy;

Mrs. Montgomery:

So, there you are folks! Eight houses in one post. You get more for money here ;-)

Hope to see you back around here soon!
Mrs. Sinclair,

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