Winter Fun in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Living in the south central part of the country we all know that it is not often that we are blessed or cursed with much winter weather and when we are, well let's just say not many of us know how to have F-U-N in it! Mostly, we just sit around and gripe and complain about how slow the salt trucks are about clearing the roads and how far off the weather forecasters were about this particular storm, or sit around and and talk about the Farmer's Almanac. If you are not one of these people then, I sincerely apologize and I would like your phone number, because I will be calling you to get my bread and milk the next time we get 3-10 inches of the white stuff or the slick stuff underneath! No, I am not a pansy, I can drive in it, I just prefer not too anymore and that's all that will be said on the matter.

I love snow, when I don't have to go out in it. I love looking out the window and seeing it fall and taking pictures of my kids play in it, but I hate cleaning up the wet mess it makes. I know, bah hum bug to me! Spoil sport. Well, let me introduce you to some Winter Fun in Oklahoma that is right up my alley! Especially when the weather is a nice 45 degrees outside, and I guess if you are dressed super warm, it would even be nice at cooler temperatures with someone special at night including a carriage ride and hot chocolate.

Winterfest in downtown Tulsa at the BOK Center has been going on since November 26. It's last day is January 2, 2011- so hurry and get your family there for some Winter fun!

It features Oklahoma's tallest Christmas tree- 44 feet tall!!

I have to admit, the real attraction for my kids was going ice skating for the first time- they loved it and actually skated! I was a very proud Moma!

I have great hopes and dreams for them, you see...I once had my hair cut just like Dorothy Hamill and could roller skate to "The Rose" like you can only imagine! Now if only my good friend Punxsutawney Phil WILL AVOID seeing his shadow, I will be just fine!

Enjoy the rest of your Winter,
♥Mrs. Hart♥

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