Addiction or Obsession?

I'm so excited because today one of my dear friends, that I've met through blogging, is guest posting.
The minute I found her blog, The Rambler,  I knew I wanted to be real friends with her. She's super sweet, uber funny (I know this because I've gotten to hang with her on several occasions), extremely thoughtful (she came to Tulsa from Edmond to walk on my daughter's team in the Autism walk), beautiful, and the best mom ever! So without further ado, I want to introduce you to Leanna. Be sure to give her some RHOK'n love and then go visit her blog (s). 

I’m sitting here trying to decide if my issues are addiction or obsession?! Aren’t they almost the same thing in some situations? Let’s take a look at some of my examples...

Signing Time - (awesome DVD’s & other tools to teach sign language) For me, I would say this is an obsession. I say this simply because I know it is an addiction for my 3 year old … he will not go to sleep at night without it playing on his television ALL NIGHT LONG. He may also be obsessed because he completely LOVES Rachel Coleman that sings and signs TO HIM! When we first found these shows on PBS they were the ONLY thing that helped keep him from crying when he was in the car … therefore, I became obsessed (and all stalker-like). We eventually got to meet the Colemans! See how Cole just couldn’t take his eyes off of Rachel?

My Closet - This happens to be my BEFORE picture! I spent the day cleaning out and re-organizing everything, but as you can see I already had all the tops of the same colors together and in order from no-sleeve to jacket. In the back, my pants are even grouped dress pants, khakis and jeans. For the record, it was driving me nuts to have the hangers in the back sticking out with nothing on them. Would you say this is a little along the lines of OCD? (I promise the rest of my house is NOT like this! After all, I have 4 males in my household.)

Blogging - This started out as an addiction for me when I started my first blog ever. This blog was therapy for me … a place to put my thoughts, feelings, and other information regarding my youngest that has cerebral palsy. This quickly turned into an obsession and I started another blog, The Rambler, (for fun) that included my whole family (using nicknames). Then I wanted to move over to Wordpress and moved everything to my current blog. Again, I think a little bit of my OCD kicked in and when I couldn’t get it “perfect”, I slacked on posting.

Twitter - Yes, I started that too! As if I didn’t have enough going on, right? ;) Definitely obsession! It almost HAS to be because the fast-paced 140-character snip-its are almost equivalent to texting so you tweet and then you reply to all 500 comments!! Ok, maybe not THAT many … but you get the idea!

Facebook - Umm, yea, do YOU have a Facebook account? Isn’t everyone on FB? I think even my grandma would be if she were alive! And here I even have family, real friends and virtual (never met in person) friends feeding my addiction. Family constantly encouraging pictures of my boys, high school friends asking what I’ve been doing, and so on, and so on! I find myself constantly checking my news feed, because if I don’t, I might miss something exciting someone else has posted. (and then I hate when I do! lol) …

which leads me to my biggest addiction/obsession of all …

My iPhone - Or should I say “LifePhone”? I will be honest and admit, I “NEED” my phone!! I have threatened my hubby’s life when he didn’t want to turn around (still in the neighborhood..not even one block away) to go get my phone! Since then, if I happen to leave it in one room while I carry the baby to his room, the hubs is sure to bring it to me. He’s scared to see me freak again. :)

P.S. If anyone knows of an app for the iPhone that could resolve a bloggy issue for me, I would so appreciate your help. I typically do my blog reading on my phone (while taking care of my baby … so a little hard to carry my laptop with me). I haven’t found a reader that also lets you leave comments. Any suggestions so I can stop just lurking? Thanks in advance! 

~Addicted like...... 

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