Friday Confessional


Do you read Mamarazzi?  If not, you should.  She's awesome. She is hosting Friday Confessional today and the good Lord knows I always have LOTS to confess.

I confess that I texted (yes, you add an -ed to make it past tense) while driving this week.  I NEVER do that.  SHAME.ON.ME. 

I confess that I made a little road trip last weekend to see a friend and did a little retail therapy for my less than stellar birthday.  I may have spent a little or a lot.  I'll never tell.

I confess that I fell back in love with an ex.  First name Captain.  Last name Morgan.  He's AMAZEBALLS.

I confess that I ate a cheeseburger on Tuesday. I've started a weight loss challenge with some friends that require us to weigh in weekly and confess our sins weight for a spreadsheet that is surely posted up at the Walmart for all to see.  Guess who gained a pound on the spreadsheet today?  That would be me.  I may start binge eating as soon as I post this.

I confess that I had road rage with some truckers this weekend.  For 38 minutes. (click the link for the full story if you dare)

I confess that when the story about the tragedy in Tucson, AZ first came out, I asked my hubby where TUCK-SON was.  Seriously people.  And I used to be an elementary school teacher.  In my defense, geography has never been my thing. DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME.

I confess that I accidentally watched from middle to end of Zack and Mira Make a Porno. Who doesn't enjoy Seth Rogan or Elizabeth Banks?  I am so ashamed of myself.  I felt so dirty that I had to take a shower immediately after.

I confess that I had a less than interesting conversation with a toothless meth-head at the Walmart yesterday.  She wanted to know where I found my "plump tomatoes".  At first I thought she was kidding so I laughed.  She wasn't kidding.  She couldn't find the tomatoes.  I LOVE my town. I wonder if she saw the weigh-in spreadsheet?

And finally I confess that Rihanna's song Only Girl is being played so much that it makes me want to poke my eardrums out with a dull pencil and slit my wrists with a tortilla chip.  Seriously.

Do you have something to confess?  Do it. You'll feel better.

Mrs. Coco

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