The Great Kid Debate

We've been having a great debate around the Edward's house lately.  I like to call it The Great Kid Debate.  It seems as though everyone from my third uncle to my son thinks that we need an addition to our family.  I think the subject is on every one's mind due to the fact that we're currently adding onto our house.  I guess more bedrooms = more kids or something.  If I would have known about this phenomenon prior to construction, I might have reconsidered.  OK, probably not, but you know. 

Now, I'm feeling like I'm part of some sort of conspiracy. 

The truth is that I'm freaking out a little.  We got pregnant with our little boy less than a month after we moved into our house and now that we're building on, I'm a little concerned that this might happen again.

YES.  I know how that happens.

*let's pause a moment while I breathe into a paper bag*

I love kids.  I really really do.  Ask anybody.  But when it comes to me having more, I just tend to...well, I freak.  I VIVIDLY remember sleepless nights, going days without a shower, feeling like I could just sit around and cry all day, worrying about all feels like it happened yesterday, but it wasn't.  It was seven years ago!  SEVEN YEARS.  That's when I start thinking things like, we've waited too long or what if I can't get pregnant anymore??  If I got pregnant today, our kids would be almost 8 years apart!

How many years apart are your kids?  How many years is too much?   Wouldn't it be like raising two only children? 

Could I live through that? 

I really need your help.

Mimi just emailed me and told me, and I quote, "I could see you having 8 kids"!  WTH? 

I think they got to her too.

The one breathing into a paper bag with her head between her knees,

~Mrs. Edwards

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