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Hey ya'll I need some help/advice!

We are actively (and by actively I mean actually looking inside of) searching for a new (and by new I don't necessarily mean never lived in before) to us home.

Let me preface by saying yes we have been through this process before, 11 years ago but at that time I was being evicted (long story- I actually worked for the company evicting me,I was married and had a stalker that caused all kindas ruckus-they believed him not me...okay I made it a short story) where was I...oh yes I was being evicted and had 30 days to find a house,close,pack and move....with three little ones 5 and under, fun times...NOT so much!

To say that the above process was rushed is an understatement. Now that I have time to search the internet first,look at pictures then schedule a time to view a home I am getting all befuddled! I am all over the place...

Take this house for instance

It is $109,900 with 5bedrooms 5&1/2 baths and 4100sq ft it also needs a new roof and LOTS and I mean LOTS of work

Then we have this home

It is $134,900 with 4 bedrooms 2&1/2 baths 2400sq ft AND it has a POOL. It needs some kitchen updating and I think the outside is ugly but I love the layout of the inside

This home below is Al errm Mr Bundys' favorite

Priced at $137,000 it has 5 beds or 4 with office 2&1/2 baths 2500sq ft I like the location and that's about all I like, the home is very dated with the exception of 3 upstairs bedrooms however they are ALL some shade of purple...sigh

Last one I promise...I could go on and on and me...I could list house after house...

It is $149,900 4beds 2&1/2baths 2500sq ft it is a newer home and lovely but it is not close to anything not even a sonic...OH and the kitchen is small like tiny

So Oh wise readers of the RHOK give me your BEST most VALUABLE advice for house hunting PLEASE. This is daunting and every time I look at a house I am all like ooooo ahhhhh I love it, lets move, lets move now! Then I come home and mentally nit-pick it apart...So is out-dated a huge issue? What about ugly on the outside BUT has a POOL, can we say ahhh OR is a pool a HUGE headache? Should I be looking at the 'bones' of a house? What is important when buying a home? Is it the lender? Is it the guy who comes and inspects? H-E-L-P!

With Love,
Mrs Bundy

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