Keeping New Year's Resolutions for the Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

So the top 3 new year's resolutions deal with food, faith and family.
You know the drill... I better, get in touch with my spirituality and spend more time with my family.

As Mrs. Albright pointed out yesterday, many of us have been hungry lil' caterpillars through the holidays and it's time we get our eating under control.
How many of us have kept our resolutions past March?
 Be honest.
I don't make resolutions anymore.
I don't keep them and it just puts me on a guilt cycle to make them each January.

I do take time to reflect on the past year and note where I need to improve, what I can stop and what I can begin doing to improve my life.
Have you kept any New Year's Resolutions?
Share what resolutions have worked for you and why.

One thing I HAVE to do to kick -off 2011 is giveaway
the RHOK necklace from my b-day.
I had a very scientific way to choose the winner.
Here is my documentation...
Step One - Determine Eligible Entries

Remember I said this was scientific. So I want to document my steps. I looked on the blog comments.
I found the names that were eligible, meaning they did not work for, nor a family member of, the RHOK.
I had a crayon in my handbag and chips in the basket before me. A perfect way to document the entries!

Step Two - Choose a Winner
I placed the chips  entries in an empty chip basket. I asked a non-partisan housewife to choose a chip winner.

Step 3 - Determine Winner
Once the winning chip name was chosen from the basket we quickly documented the outcome.

Step 5 - Announce Winner
I am happy to announce that ShellGame has won the awesome RHOK necklace!
Congratulations on winning this scientific name drawing!

Step 6 - Eat Winner Chip

Mrs. Albright was so excited she ate the winning to chip to celebrate!
If you have any questions/concerns about our scientific name drawing please direct any questions to our scientific housewife panel...

Congratulations Shellgame!!!
We are so happy you won the A-dorable RHOK necklace designed by  Sassy Cat Boutique.
All the cool housewives will be wearing RHOK's in 2011 :)

Please no letters on how scientific I am as a giveaway person or I'll send Mrs. Albright to explain!

I know, for some, it's hard to understand.
Hey, just want to be sure it's fair and FUN :)
Lots of Blessings in 2011,
Mrs. Montgomery

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