Mom recommends...

Now that my parents live nearby, they are more aware of the daily goings on in my household.  One of those things is the washing of sheets from Jacob's bed on a daily basis.  

You are in luck.  
This is not a post about bedwetting.
It is important to know before you hear the rest of the story.

My mom handed me a catalog the other day and said she saw something she thought I needed.
This happens a lot.  She likes to spend my money.

This time was different.
I laughed out loud.  FOR REAL.

You tell me... when you look at this page, what is your first thought?

I hope you guessed the pee pad on the top right corner.

If she had intended to sell me a dildo I would have her committed.
I don't even want to think about how those kegel balls work.

Amazingly enough, this catalog is mostly for senior citizens and people with physical disabilities.
Believe me when I tell you that I have shown this catalog to every person I have seen this week.

Hope your mom brings you something special soon, too.

Mrs. Priss

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