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A new year has begun and with it comes a message meant just for you. 

You can’t miss it – it’s in every magazine and every fluff piece on television:

“You’re fat, sweetie pie. And none too bright. Fortunately we, the media, are here to make sure you don’t forget to feel bad about yourself while you make your traditional feeble attempt at diet and exercise.
Now turn to page 138 to read the cover article “I Weigh Seven and You Can Too!” by Brooke Burke. 
[Editor’s Note: Last year we inadvertently printed a weight-loss article recommending eating more and exercising less. The correct wording was eating less and exercising more. We apologize for any inconvenience.]"

Don’t they realize that we already know everything there is to know about this topic? In fact, those of us who have ever gained an extra pound or twenty could easily write a dissertation covering everything from the calorie content of a shot of tequila to the correct knee alignment for a squat. I think that is why the cooking directions for my Weight Watchers quesadilla seemed particularly condescending. 

Have a look…

One quesadilla. One serving. One sleeve... and particular emphasis on what to do with the extra quesadilla.

Hey Weight Watchers, why don't you mind your own business?

Mrs. Obstinate

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Starving like...

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