A "Shocking" Confession

A couple of times a year, I meet up with some Texas friends at a casino where we gamble {a little} but laugh A LOT!  There is always Cheetos and chocolate involved as well as some cheap good wine in plastic hotel cups.  We know how to par-tay, huh?!?  {The answer is yes we do.}

So this year, one of my friends brought a game to play. She messed up and showed me a video of her playing it for the first time.  After seeing that video, I said "H-E-double hockey sticks NO, I WILL NOT be playing that game!"  She assured me it doesn't hurt and her reaction was just because it scared her.  You see, this magical game SHOCKS you.  IT SHOCKS YOU PEOPLE!  Who likes to get shocked?  Anybody?  No.  Nobody likes it.  {If you do, please don't comment. I think you're weird.}

After much persuasion, she FINALLY peer-pressured me into playing this craptastic game called Lightening Reaction. Here is what it looks like:

You hold one of the four handles. The creepy music starts and the button in the middle begins flashing red but when it turns to green, you have to hit the button on top of your handle. The last one to hit their button gets shocked. Yes, I got shocked.  More than once.  It was not a fun.  I took some video of 3 of the girls playing it on the first night we were there.  Here is a 9 second video:

The next day, I was informed I had to be in a video.  I agreed but was seriously terrified.  Like pee-in-my-pants kind of terrified. Don't judge.  So, here is ME playing the game.  (It's 55 seconds long)

Guess what?  I didn't LOSE! {on video}


Mrs. Coco

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