Taking Time to Wiggle the Waggles

My almost four year old daughter started school on January 3rd at the school where I have been teaching since October. It amazes me just how much a child can learn in 13 days. She is writing her name, knows all the songs, and even all of her friends names. But, there are also a few trials that have come along. The first few days she refused to go to the restroom. Why? Because she couldn't get the paper off of the rollers. Then she told her teacher that she did not like a particular song named "Tooty Tat". After further questioning I found out she thought they were all talking about passing gas and to my little princess, that was just gross. Yes, at my house we use the word "toot" in place of other slang for flagellation.

Another thing I have noticed about her is that she won't do things that a four year old should be doing by herself, but instead expects her Mommy to do them for her. Like get dressed in the mornings, go to the restroom without being prompted or even wipe herself. I have already taken her to the doctor for fear of a UTI. I was told it was just the change of habit, and to keep encouraging her. You see, I also teach in the infant room and she sees from time to time how nurturing I am to my students and is feeling a little left out, after all she is OUR baby and turning four means being a big girl. She has even asked us the tear jerking question, "Do you still love me?"  Of course we take her into our arms and  do everything we can to reassure her.

Another thing that I have done the past few days is spend some quality time with her. I have even taken her to her favorite place, the Bouncy Barn- where I am encouraged to play on the inflatables with her! One of her new favorite songs that she has learned is, "You've got to shake, shake, shake your sillies out. Shake, shake, shake your sillies out. Shake, shake, shake your sillies out. And wiggle your waggles away ..." You know there is actually a lot we all can learn from the few words of this song. Whether you shake, wiggle, tickle or bounce...figure out a way to wiggle yours and your loved one's waggles and worries away it doesn't matter if they are four or ninety-four!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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