Did You Know?

Did you know that a few of us here at The RHOK were teachers in our former lives?

It's true. 

So, we might tell you to talk with your inside voice, or use your quiet feet. 

We apologize in advance.  It's just out of habit.

Teacher's are so important...not just because we were once, but they truly help shape the lives of our children. 

In my opinion, teaching should be one of the highest paid salaries.  I mean, they are with our children more than we are during the week.  They kiss boo-boos, give hugs, and teach our children morals and values.  They are responsible for educating the future doctors, lawyers, scientist, famous authors, actors, and even Presidents...but they make a fraction of what those professions pay.  It just doesn't seem right, does it?

Thinking back, who was your favorite teacher in school?  What made them so special?

Also, feel free to write or tell us about an exceptional teacher your child has had.

Mrs. Edwards

...and former teacher

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