The other night I was watching Dirty Jobs, because I like to, okay? Mike is funny. Also, it's interesting and kind of educational, most of the time.

This particular episode was about Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and the gross ones they make. I mentioned something on Twitter about my extreme displeasure of them ruining perfectly good jelly beans by making them taste like rotten eggs, BARF, and earwax- among others. MckMama promptly replied to me that she didn't even believe me and googled it! Ha! If y'all know MckMama, you know she is a pretty popular blogger gal, so we were both quickly bombarded with 561 responses like "They are in Bean Boozled; a la Harry Potter & Bertie Botts". Um, ok?

MckMama and I quickly agreed this didn't make any difference. It's still GAHROSS!

Not only are there barf, rotten eggs and earwax, they also have skunk spray, toothpaste, canned dog food, moldy cheese, penicl shavings, baby wipes and BOOGERS. Eww ewww ewww people. What have we become in the name of promoting movies! That is nuts. Just nuts, and a waste of perfectly good Jelly Belly's I could be eating that taste like Dr. Pepper instead.

(feel free to send me these for Vday on Monday)

Mrs. Sinclair

clearly not impressed by Harry Potteresque Jelly Bellies

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