Hot Commodity

Free time.

You know...Free time...a quiet moment, when you lock yourself in the bathroom...or lock the kids in the closet.

Free time.

I know, you're looking at me like I just spoke a foreign language.

As moms and wives (and even dads and husbands), we don't get much of it and we all probably would love to have more.

Am I right?  

It's a hot commodity. 

So, those rare beautiful moments, when you actually have peace and quiet, what do you do?

What I want is a day to myself to just sit with a cup of coffee in my hand...

and my nose in a book...er, my Kindle.

I kind of daydream about it.  It would be a day where I wouldn't feel guilty for not cleaning the house or doing something responsible.  I wouldn't have anywhere I was supposed to be.  It would just be me and my Kindle...and that cup of coffee.

How often do you get free time?  What do you do with it when you get it?

-Mrs. Edwards

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