MckLinky Monday ~ One Tank Road Trips

So with Spring Break right around the corner we are curious to know places you love to visit that you don't need 10 days or lots of cash. What are your fav destinations that are easy to get to, within a short drive (within one tank of gas), full of fun and charm.
What is your favorite one tank road trip?
My family loves to road trip. We have a lil' place about an hour and a half away we like to visit called, Pops. They serve over 500 different sodas. Okies call Soda, "Pop", pronounced "pawp". So now you understand the name.  Not only do they have super soda, they have incredible burgers. For our family that's a great reason for a road trip!
Pops is a gas station, landmark, soda fountain, restaurant and Route 66 shop. It has a 66 foot soda bottle out front that lights up at sunset. You can't miss it!

Pops is a really unusual spot on Route 66. It's ultra modern with a cool, retro, soda fountain vibe.
They display all the different pop they sell on glass shelves in the windows. It's brilliant, colorful and fun!

The kiddos were in pop heaven!

We shared a dessert. The picture speaks for itself...

This was all that was left...

You can fill up your own 6 pack of soda from their stock of unusual pop. They carry NeHi, Red Barn Rootbeer, Mexican Coke, Crush, and so much more!

We had a great time driving down Route 66. It was a fun lil' get away without a lot of planning or expense.
There are so many fun places to visit in Oklahoma! What cool landmarks do you have in your area? 
"Route 66 has held a special place in the American consciousness from its beginning.
 The road is uniquely American. There are a thousand stories of hope, heartbreak, love,
 hate, starting over, and new dreams found along the next
 bend of the highway we call the Mother Road. "

Tell us, what is your favorite lil' Road Trip? Link up with us and share one or some of your favorite places to visit close to your home.

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Here's to RHOKin' Road Trips,
Mrs. Montgomery

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