MckLinky Monday-Top 5 Pet Peeves!

Today's MckLinky Monday is a topic that EVERYONE can relate to--Pet Peeves.  We all have them.  And to be honest, we all probably have more than 5 but I'll try my best to keep it at that instead of listing all 68 of mine.  You are welcome.

{worth noting are some that barely missed the cut: noisy eaters, best friend turned serial killer, invasion of personal space, jerks who take up two parking places, spit talkers, improper knife users, public nose pickers, conspiracy theories, and people who sneeze/cough without covering their mouth.}

1. Word verification/Non-comment bloggers*.  {Yes, I'm putting two together because they both have to do with blogging, m'kay?}.  
  A) I totally get why people have the word verification on their account.  I did too for a while but it's SOOOO annoying!  Since I've taken mine off (well over a year ago) I have only had one spam message.  ONE! And the verifications that I really hate are the sneaky ones that pop up after I go to post my comment.
  B) There is nothing that I love to do more than responding to my readers after they have left me a super sweet comment but when you don't have your email enabled, guess what?  I can't respond and I REALLY REALLY want to respond!  It's a simple fix for anyone posting on blogger.  Here it is:  
Click on your DASHBOARD link at the top right.
Put a check mark next to "Show my email address".
Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.  And you're all set!  
*Mamarazzi is starting a new revolution about this.  Click HERE to find out more.

2.  Facebook status messages.  I have given up my love affair with facebook for the moment.  Wanna know why?  Some people update their status message every.flippin'.hour and I'm so OVER IT. I don't care that you're constipated.  I don't care that you just just found a dried up booger on your bedroom wall.  I don't care that your dog just made a big shadoobie on your brand new rug. {Note: all of these are true updates and from the same person on the same day I KID YOU NOT.} I love to read updates because I'm a stalker nosey-nelly like that but please, for the love of baby Jesus, don't update every hour.  I will de-friend you.

3.  Debbie Downers. They are all around us: at work, at church, in our personal life, on facebook and in the blogging world.  And yes, every once in a while, we all get down and depressed and need to get it off your chest to feel better. I get that.  I really do.  But do you have to be a Debbie Downer every single day?  Two days out of seven?  I can handle that. Six days out of seven?  You need improvement.Try to put a positive spin on the situation once in a while.  Try to talk about what's GOOD in your life. Try "pretending" to be happy.  Don't be THAT girl.  It just beats us down and makes us want to have a drink...or ten. I know some of you will agree.  {Please agree.} And quit thinking that this one is about you.  It's not.  I promise.

4. Talking during a movie.  This will only make me want to throw my popcorn and/or Coke in your face and one day, when my girlballs are bigger, I will seriously do this because I just paid $10 freakin' dollars to see a movie and the last thing I want to hear is you talking back to the screen, talking to your friend OUT LOUD, or talking on your cell phone (which probably rang since you didn't remember to turn it on silent) {Hello long-winded run-on sentence.} 

5. Texting while driving.  I'm sure you are guilty of this.  I am too.  But I can't tell you how many times I've hurriedly passed someone on the highway who was swerving only to see that they weren't drunk like I thought; they are looking down to TEXT.  Are you kidding me?  Is it really that important? {I have totally called 3-1-1 on some peeps} What's even scarier is seeing a teenager do this.  Teenagers aren't great drivers anyway and now we add texting into the mix. Ok, I need to be Debbie Downer for just a second--SOME PEOPLE DIE FROM TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. If it's not them that dies, it could be them killing someone else. Once you've had this happen to someone you love, I promise you won't want to text while driving anymore. {Ok, Debbie Downer is o-u-t.}

So, those are my top 5 Pet Peeves and it only took me 13 days to narrow the list down.  What are YOUR top 5 pet peeves?  List them in the comments (where we always comment back) or even better...LINK UP! It makes us me feel loved. Kthanks.

Mrs. Coco

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