MckLinky Monday-Valentines Edition-How do YOU Celebrate?

It's Monday... It's Mcklinky Monday...It's Valentines Day...It's my 14th wedding anniversary....I know so cliche' don't judge please...

Today I am asking ...How do you Celebrate Valentines Day? Is it an extra special day for you? OR is every day an extra special day? Did you celebrate over the weekend with a romantic dinner out? Or did your sweetie cook you a romantic dinner at home?

Do you Love Glee? Do You Love this Song? This is for all the Valentines out there...

So tell me ladies and gents....what does Valentines day mean to you? Is it just another day of chocolates from your hubs/wife? Do you ladies take control and do something extra special for your man? OR do you leave it up to your Significant other? Is Valentines Day a Mans Holiday? If so WHY?

Typically my hubs and I go away to Eureka Springs, Ar to celebrate Valentines Day/Our Anniversary. This year we are going to stay at a swanky local hotel just for the night.(saving money for that new house) The kiddos took us to dinner on Sunday evening-it was extra special. Since our gift to each other is usually a weekend away I actually had to shop this wonderful husband got itunes card...I know, I am so awesome =)

So Please link up tell us how you celebrate Valentines day....

Here are the RHOK'N Rules

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.♥If you answer the question on your blog, Join the MckLinky so that we can all do the "DOUGIE" just kidding!!!! I have been cooped up with teenagers for far too long....Link up so we can see how you celebrate Valentines day.

(things are a little different today as our regular linky tool is down)

Mrs Bundy...

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