Sex and Headaches

Does this sound familiar?  
  • You've had a lousy day that started at 6:00am when the dog puked up all the veggies that got tossed onto the floor from your infant child the night before.
  • The kid(s) are OOC (out of control) and hyped on pure sugar that he/she/they stole out of your secret hiding spot for an emergency chocolate fix that now consists of only tiny chocolate pieces and an empty wrapper.
  • Dinner didn't get started on time AGAIN and it smells like it might be burning.
  • The phone keeps ringing and twice it was a telemarketer who speaks another language that you keep hanging up on because you can't understand a single word she says.
  • You had a long list of errands that needed to get done but only got partially done because you were on the phone for 2 hours trying to take care of a bill that you've already paid FOUR MONTHS AGO but they keep sending you a bill for it anyway.
  • You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how long that piece of ham as been sitting in your hair and hope that it was AFTER some of the errands got taken care of but fear it's been there since lunch.
And then HONEY BUNNY comes home with a giant smile on his face, smacks you on the bum and wants to know if you're "ready for the earth to shake tonight?".

Or does this only happen to me?  Regardless, I'm here to clue you in RIGHT NOW ladies....

Sex DOES NOT cure headaches. And frankly I'm sick of falling for this trick.

I just wanted to send a warning out to all the RHOK FEMALE followers. I would hate to see any of you fall for this line of crap like I have...about 25 times.

Don't you judge me.  I've taken one 25 for the team.

You're welcome.

Mrs. Coco

Takin' 25 for the team like...

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