Where Are They Now?

With Lindsay Lohan in the news so much lately for all her shenanigans, it had me wondering about other childhood actors who are now adults.

What is it, do you think, that causes some childhood actors to make such poor choices as adults?  Could it be because they didn't have the opportunity to be just normal run-of-the-mill kids? Or, did they have parents that were too controlling and put too much pressure on them to be perfect? 

As a former teacher, I've seen that type of parent, a parent that expects too much. I've seen the look of satisfaction on a child's face when he's accomplished something only to be wiped away when his parent responded with, "You should have...." 

Obviously not all childhood stars grow to become disturbed, troubled adults. Just take a look at these: 

  • Ron Howard  - Then- The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days,  Now - famous director 
  • Fred Savage - Then - The Wonder Years, Now - famous director 
  • Neil Patrick Harris - Then - Doogie Howser,  Now - actor on How I Met Your Mother
  • Jodie Foster - Then - Coppertone girl, Freaky Friday (and many, many others), Now - Actress, film director, producer 
  • Leonardo Dicaprio - Then - Growing Pains, Now - actor, film producer
  • Kirk Cameron - Then - Growing Pains, Now - minister at The Way of the Master, Christian actor
  • Drew Barrymore - Then - E.T., the Extra - Terrestrial (plus many others), Now - film producer, director (She did go through a really rough patch at one time.) 
  • Brooke Shields - Then - Pretty Baby, Blue Lagoon, Now - actress, model, author 
I wonder what they had growing up that allowed them to become seemingly happy, productive adults? 

This trip down memory lane left me wondering about a childhood crush I had on a certain young actor - Adam Rich who played Nicolas Bradford on Eight is Enough. I loved that show as a child. I even joined his fan club and received an autographed picture. I thought I was all that and a bag of Funyuns! 

I'm a little sad to report that he ended up in trouble as an adult. Bummer!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Who was your favorite child star? Where are they today? 

~Mrs. Albright

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