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It's been awhile since I've posted about cooking club. Matter-of-fact, we gave our little club a name since the last time I talked about it... Cool Chicks Cook. It has a nice ring to it, eh? We are working on super cute t-shirts for our group. And, if they turn out as cute as I think they will, we may even put some up for sale. You'd want one, right? RIGHT? ;)

My sister-in-law, Heidi, hosted CCC in February and chose the theme: Cajun/Mardi Gras. The theme itself had a few of the ladies a little uneasy as most of us here in Oklahoma don't normally cook Cajun food. I think it's because we don't live near an ocean and have fresh seafood readily available to us. If most RHOK are like me, I'm not even accustomed to cooking seafood at all. But, I've always loved Cajun food when I've had it and I took this theme on as a challenge to try something totally new.

I started thinking about what kind of recipes I'd like to make. I have an uncle by marriage (but, not for long because he is an @$$hole) that is Cajun. He makes a mean craw fish etoufee. Etoufee, by the way, means to smother which is exactly what I'd like to do to him. Okay, I'm making an appointment with my anger management therapist soon, I promise!

So, I went to the next best thing (which turns out to be the best thing) and that is a food blog that I L-O-V-E. Mary, who lives in the deep south, has a fabulous food blog called none other than Deep South Dish. I have made many of her dishes, like this one, and they are all wonderful. She has a whole section on her blog devoted to Cajun/Mardi Gras food and drink recipes. But, she doesn't just post southern food. As she likes to say, if she cooks it she's going to post about it.

I spent a couple of days trying to make up my mind on what recipe of hers to make. I finally decided on a Shrimp Casserole. No, it doesn't sound Cajun, but I thought based on the ingredients it would be something that most families (meaning picky husbands and kids) would eat. Plus, I didn't want to make anything that required me to make a roux, because if it's anything like making gravy, I'd be in trouble!

We only had seven attend in February because the parent/teacher conferences AND the Kenny Loggins concert were the same night. Bummer. I was so hoping that someone would bring Jambalaya, Craw fish Etoufee, Gumbo, Craw fish/Shrimp Boil..... You know, all those things we think of when we think Cajun food.

But, let me tell you... those that attended, really brought it to the table, so to speak. The food was all phenomenal. We had red beans and rice, onion pie, crab cakes, bread pudding with a rum sauce, cabbage and sausage, Cajun chili, Hurricanes, and my shrimp casserole.

 I'm not a lover of bread pudding, but Angela made the BEST bread pudding. Lord have mercy, it was good... I guarontee it! (Quick, who used to say that? I'll post a video at the bottom if you don't know.) Angela just so happens to be from Louisiana and I knew whatever she brought would be incredible. She also brought the onion pie which is more like a quiche. LoVeD it! She also taught us some Cajun expressions like lagniappe (lan'yap) which means something extra thrown in for free to sweeten the deal. I've been trying to add that word into my daily vocabulary because it just sounds so cool when she says it. We all got a kick out of hearing her speak Cajun French. She's a funny girl. She schooled us on some Cajun expressions.

Now, what kind of RHOK would I be if I didn't share some of these yummy recipes with you? Oh, oh.... wouldn't the word lagniappe work here?!   =)   I'll share a couple on this post and the rest of them you can find under the tab RHOK'n Recipes at the top of our page.

(Click on the pictures to see recipe and make them a full printable size.)

I love cooked cabbage so I could have eaten my weight in the following recipe, Sausage & Cabbage. Seriously, Y'all, this is good eatin'. For those of you who may not be from Oklahoma and know what Rotel is, it is diced tomatoes with green chilies. We Okies love our Rotel. I do believe Del Monte has this as well.

If you try one of the recipes we'd love to hear what you thought of it. And, if you have a great Cajun recipe, I'd love for you to share that as well. One night of Cajun fare has only whetted my appetite.

"When the taste changes with every bite and the last bite is as good as the first, that's Cajun!" 
~ Paul Prudhomme 

Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll.)
~Mrs. Albright 

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