Grocery IQ

Maybe I am a little late to the party, but I recently discovered the best app ever invented - Grocery IQ.  Have you tried it?  The price is right because it is FREE!

The funniest part to me is that the Doc is the one who discovered it.  He's a total app junkie.  Ask him anything and he will probably check to see if there is an app for it.  The irony here is that the Doc hates shopping.  To think he was the one who got so giddy about a grocery store app is beyond comprehension.  It's women's work, you know.  

Okay, okay - he isn't quite the caveman I describe him to be.  But as many housewives know, we are supposed to magically know when something is empty and needs replacing.  For years I have struggled with "the list."  I was the only one writing on it, for starters.  Even worse, I usually forgot it at home when I went to the store.

Sound familiar?

Let me introduce you to Grocery IQ.  Do you see it?

With your iPhone, you can actually scan the barcode of the item you need before you toss it.  You can also just type the name of the item in and be as specific as you want.  It alerts you to coupons available for you money savvy types.  You can specify a store for the item.  It groups your items in categories that make sense and might be in the same aisle.

The Doc and I have linked accounts so we can see what the other person added right away.  Sweet deal, huh?
I haven't even begun to discover all of the wonderful things this app can do, to be honest.

The Doc, on the other hand, has found one more way to harass me through this handy dandy app.  While shopping with Michael this past week, I found that Michael could no longer be the list keeper.  As I glanced at my phone while shopping, I noticed the Doc was working on adding a few items to the list - just for grins.

I'll let you decide which extra special items did not need to be purchased.

I had to grab my phone back from Michael real quick-like.
Now I know why the Doc was so excited about this app.

And just so you know, he used to write these items on my grocery list weekly.  Some things will never change.

The only thing that would make this app even better is if they had one for the Honey-Do list.  Please tell me one exists.  Pretty please?!

~ Mrs. Priss

Hitting the grocery store prepared like...

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