Honey Do Dah Day

I am a full time Moma, full time Wife, who was recently told by my full time working spouse that my new found part-time career is a professional poop wiper. This being said after my 4 year old daughter yelled across the house from the bathroom "Come and wipe me!", which of course became my appointed responsibility given the above new JOB title! For those of you who do not know, I am a teacher in a daycare. I teach eight infants.


So being the wonderful part-time housewife that I am. Oh, yes I am! When my husband works a Saturday, which is 3x a month, he has Monday's off. I just love when he gets our laundry done on these days- all 4 loads, vacuums, dusts and I especially love it when I set him up with service calls! Oh yes I did, the garage door repairman, the HVAC, and the Cox Communications guy- because I must have the latest Trio Programming that enables me to have a whole home DVR! Wonder if he is prepared for the fiberglass man and the carpet cleaners and a second visit with the garage guy? Oh Do Dah Day! Think he will be throwing out any job titles my way again soon?

Honey, I really do love you and am so glad you are there to deal with these people coming in and out of our home, because of all the things I hated when I was a full-time housewife, it was letting all those strange men into our home while I was there alone with our children. It really gave me the heevy jeevies, and it really takes a lot to do that to me- a woman who has been in 4 bank robberies, being handcuffed and held at gunpoint-maybe that's why!

What about the rest of you? Any of you let your honey take care of these jobs? Or does it all fall on you? Does it make you as nervous as it made me?

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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