The Matriarch

Every Southern housewife knows there's a chain of command in the family.  No matter what anyone else says, it is likely the Matriarch who sits on the throne.  Maybe this isn't just a Southern thing?  The men like to command, but the women can really cause trouble when things don't go their way.
My mom and grandmother, 2008

This past week, my grandmother passed away and yesterday I made a quick trip to Texas to attend her funeral. I was devastated that I didn't get to personally tell her goodbye, but shoulder surgery and recovery gets in the way of that.  I also ended up having to miss the big party for my grandfather's 90th birthday.  Instead, I will be with him on his birthday while he buries his wife.  Sometimes life works out that way.

But back to this whole Matriarch thing.  Does your family have one?  She always gets to call all of the shots.  I always thought it sounded divine to have that kind of power.  Some overuse it, but I guess they feel it is their right.

It has been a pleasure to know my grandmother as an adult.  I think she is one of the rare ones that liked you better the older you got.  I know that isn't the usual way, but it was hers.  She has taught me the value of skin care and retail therapy.  Even when she went through cancer treatments 10 years ago, she wore the right shoes.  Lunch in Neiman Marcus in Dallas always made her feel better.  

This leads me to think about mothering.  My grandmother was quite different from my mom as a mother.  My mother is different from how I mother my kids.  Even if you don't mother in the same way, I will bet there are habits passed down from generation to generation when it comes to your parenting.

As for me, I have learned from my mom that consistency and follow through are a key ingredient to good parenting.  I truly believe you can't go wrong if you put the effort in for those areas.  The one advantage I think I have over my own mom is patience.  I'm a slow boiler but look out once I get heated up!  And, in Michael's case, my stubbornness has really been a needed ingredient.  Determination isn't always a bad thing.

Mrs. Priss, Gran Gran, & Mrs. Bossy
(trust me, if my sister were a RHOK star - this would be her name)
Someone on Twitter recently said they wanted to know the stories behind our RHOK nicknames.  Well, here it is.  From the time I was a tantrum throwing toddler, my grandmother has called me Miss Priss.  I think I grew into that name when I became more aversive to sweat and bad smells.  It's a funny thing that God gave me boys.  
I might be a little particular and stubborn, but these people love me anyway.

Now I want to know... what did you learn about parenting from your parents and grandparents?  What have the Matriarchs in your family taught you that help guide you through life?

Living up to my name like...

~ Mrs. Priss

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