MckLinky Monday: Spring Fashion Finds

Today, I want to know all about your new favorite things for spring.  I have some things on my wish list, and I hoped to have some by now. But 2 kids birthdays back to back, and the multitude of health issues & costs I have on going, have put a serious damper on my personal shopping budget.

But, you will be happy to know, the trend for spring for 2011 brings back the '70's. This makes me happy. I am a fan of pants which do not show me your tramp stamp or whale tale when you bend other words, high waisted. Also, non form fitting and flowy. Yay!

(from fashion week)

Next up are flip flops. I have 3 sets picked out:

Then, a purse, of course. This is a Kate Spade Coach:
Hey. A girl can dream.

Then, because I am a mom, there is this tee I really want. I found it in Lousiana-but of course they were out of all sizes except XS. So, I am looking to order it. And, it is by SOUTHERN Coture. So I simply must have it:

Share your spring finds with me today and link up! You all know the rules, right?

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Mrs. Sinclair

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