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I can't tell you how excited I am to share with you a few of my greatest treasures for today's MckLinky Monday. Most of them were things that belonged to my grandmother and for that reason hold such a special place in my heart. You see, being the only granddaughter (on both sides of the family) I was a bit spoiled by my grandmother. She loved me (and the boys, I guess) like no other. She was definitely old school and loved Jesus with all her heart. I learned much from her during my 19 years that I had her. There's not a day goes by that I don't miss her or wish she could have met my wonderful husband and daughters.

So, for today's MckLinky, I want you to share some thing(s) that you consider treasures. I am looking forward to seeing and reading about what you hold dear.


I used to love playing at Grandmother and Gramps' house. I was known to be a snoop. I used to go off to the bedrooms and pilfer through all her closets and drawers looking through pictures and memorabilia. One thing I always wanted was her cedar chest to use as my hope chest. When she passed away in 1989 my grandfather gave that chest to me along with some other items. 

They kept the original receipt for it inside the chest. It was bought in 1955 for $50.95. Notice on the receipt that tax was ONLY $1.00. 

Let's take a quick peek inside....

The first thing you see is probably the Holly Hobby quilt. That was made for me by my grandmother. 

Along with the chest my grandfather gave me my grandmother's high school and college diplomas, teaching certificates and awards. I even have her college class ring. She actually lost it at some point in life and many, many years later someone found it and went through all kinds of hoops to find its original owner.

This is an award given to her for having her children present and on-time at school every day that year. Our schools certainly don't do that anymore.. honor the mother. 

I also found in there a record of her employment in some of the rural schools where she taught. Notice what she made in 1932-33(at the bottom) and then what she made in 1942-43.

I carried this handkerchief, that belonged to her, when I got married. 

Inside my chest I also have a Bible that belonged to my dad. I'm thankful to say that he is still alive; he just gave me the Bible to keep because it was so worn that he needed to get a new one. I love that he wore that Bible out. 

I also keep pictures, cards, and school papers and documents in my chest. It was fun rereading the papers I wrote in college and seeing what the teachers wrote on them. 

My first swimsuit can also be found in my chest. 

The first flowers my husband gave to me back in 1993....

Last, but not least, I found this naked lady in the bottom. She is a 1966 Barbie; that means she was mine from childhood. I hope you don't find her nakedness offensive. =) 

I hope you have as much fun showcasing your treasures as I did showcasing mine. It brought back some very sweet memories. 

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