McLinky Monday - Who Am I?


So, who are you? 

Not like in a philosophical sense...

Not like what's your name or your occupation...

or whether you're a mom or dad...or a wife or husband. 

I'm talking about who are you as a blogger.

Have you ever looked at your blogging stats?  Well, let me tell you, they are a wealth of information.  You can find out how many views your blog has in a day (a week, a month, etc.), the most viewed posts, and traffic sources.

I find that last one very interesting. 

If you go to your "Stats" tab (from your Blogger Dashboard, if you use Blogger.  I'm not sure how to do this from Wordpress or other formats), you can click on "Traffic Sources" and down at the bottom it will give you the top ten "Search Keywords" 10 keywords that bring people to your blog.

For instance, here are the top ten words from our RHOK blog:

1.   real housewives of oklahoma 285 (nice to know we're making a name for ourselves!)
2.   tow truck 121 (because "tow truck" is so synonymous with "housewife")
3.   housewives 46 (much better)
4.   garage door makeover 44
5.   the real housewives of oklahoma 42 (yep, that's us!)
6.   cars tow truck 37 (don't you think of the RHOK when you think of tow trucks?)
7.   real housewives 29 (REAL housewives...not fake ones) 
8.   real housewives costume 26 (REAL housewives who wear costumes)
9.   housewives of oklahoma 19 (and yes, we live in Oklahoma)
10. bubies 16 (is this bubies or babies or boobies?...what's bubies?)

It's kind of interesting, huh?

I think it helps us know what our readers want...what they visit our page looking for.  Apparently, here at the RHOK we just need to keep talking about ourselves...and tow trucks...and "bubies".  OK, so it may not be an accurate account of your viewership, but it's still fun to look at!

So, what's your top ten??

Also, tell us what your most viewed post is!  Maybe we missed it?!  If it's the one that people have read the most, we NEED to read it too!  So, link that baby up!

(FYI - just go back to your "Stats" tab...then to "Posts" sure you've clicked on "all time" and there at the top will be your most viewed post)

The most viewed post here at The RHOK was brought to us by Mrs. Nesbitt, who is a retired's titled Wisdom (by way of a cartoon tow truck)...yep, we have her to thank for all of those people who search "tow truck" and end up at The RHOK! {click title to read post}

You know the drill...

1. Grab our snazzy McLinky button
2. Write up a post of your own
3. Insert McLinky button
4. Come back here and link up your post

~Mrs. Edwards

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